Baileys No. 5 Yearling Cubes

  • Yearlings to three-year-olds, of all breeds, requiring non-heating calories
  • Fussy feeders who may selectively avoid some mix ingredients
  • Youngsters being prepared for the sales or show ring
  • Studs who feed youngsters in groups
Yearling Cubes are particularly suitable for those youngstock being prepared for the sales or show ring or Thoroughbred yearlings going into training as two year olds. Being highly digestible and energy dense they allow for the delivery of the required non-heating energy and supporting nutrients in a reduced volume, thus helping to avoid overloading the digestive system or exacerbating excitable temperaments.
Like all Baileys cubes, they are barley-free and formulated to promote outstanding muscle tone and condition whilst containing vitamins and minerals, including chelated minerals, to support continued growth. Like other products in Baileys’ Stud Range, Yearling Cubes can, where necessary, be fed in reduced quantities alongside Stud Balancer to cut down the overall calorie content of the diet whilst maintaining essential nutrient levels.
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