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The Boarding Kennels

Licensed by Wigan MBC (License No. AAL0019)

Mrs. L. Buxton / Mrs. J. Eccles

The Oaks Boarding Kennels was first opened in 1969. We are a family run business and are now coming up to 3rd generation. Our family are all passionate about animals and have always been encouraged to look after dogs and cats in our care as though they were our own.

We have a lovely rural setting with lots of grass; trees and flowers. We have a large 3 acre field to exercise the dogs and also an indoor and two outdoor secure paddocks for off lead exercise and play. We enjoy playtime as much as the dogs do.

Our kennels are all heated for those cold days and nights and also designed to give shade in the summer.

We have 6 luxury lodges that are like mini apartments with a sofa and cottage style interior for those pooches that want extra pampering, because there’s no place like home!

Our friendly canine and feline carers are waiting to welcome your pets

Your dog or cat will be fed as per your requirements and to the routine they are familiar with (or as near as is practical) to help them settle in during their stay with us.

Prescribed medicines can be administered as necessary.

Your pet will be cared for by qualified staff, on hand all day every day.

In the unlikely event that your pet needs Veterinary attention, our on-site Vet will take a look and treat them if necessary.

You now have 2 options when placing your dog with us for boarding:


Our ‘Standard’ Boarding kennels are all heated with a covered run area, providing spacious accommodation for your pet’s comfort.

Every dog is exercised on or off lead (as required) twice daily in our indoor or outdoor play area.

LUXURY LODGES (New for 2019)

All of our Luxury Lodges are named after famous dogs: Scooby Doo, Lassie, Pluto & Snoopy.

They are designed to emulate a cosy, home-style environment for your pet’s comfort.

They have a seating area with a couch, a partitioned bedroom with a comfy bed and a mock fireplace with a rug to curl up on to give it a more homely feel.


In either class you can also add:

-Extra Walks

-Water Walker Sessions – superb for exercise, fitness and rehabilitation if needed

-A visit to the Grooming Salon. Add a bath or a full groom to make sure your pet is looking and feeling amazing when they come home.

We’re also members of ALIKC (Association of licensed Kennels & Catteries) & IBPSA (International Boarding & Pet Services Association)


Making a Booking

If you would like to book a stay for your dog please download the booking form below and return it to us with all the necessary information entered. Alternatively you can call in to speak to a member of staff and we will complete the form with you then.

A £10.00 deposit will secure your place for any boarding stay.

Please note: Unless you are a client at All 4 Pets we will need to see your pet’s vaccination records as proof that they are up to date, before it can be boarded.

Please download and fill out the attached forms to secure a boarding place for your dog.

Boarding Info Sheet

Boarding Form

Please return completed forms:

By Email:

[email protected]


                                                                                  By Post:

All 4 Pets, Graveoak Lane, East Lancashire Road, Leigh, Lancs, WN7 3SE


Daily Routine for Dogs in the Boarding Kennels

8.00am – First Walk of the Day – this usually takes until around 9.30 am

9.30 to 10.30am – Breakfast Time!

All the dogs will be fed with whatever you have provided or as near as possible to their usual diet. We feed an hour after exercise to prevent bloat.

All the kennels are cleaned, vacuumed, the beds refreshed or changed and the floors mopped and disinfected.

10.30am – We have our Breakfast.

11.00am to 1.00pm is the time when new clients can view the empty kennels before new guests take them over.

11.30am to 12noon – Dogs having extra walks have a lunchtime walk (their 2nd of the day) and lunchtime feeds are given as required.

1.00pm to 3.00pm – Kennels are cleaned as necessary and the dogs are then left to have an afternoon nap; most dogs like to have a quiet snooze and it gives us chance to get on with some other jobs.

3.00pm – All dogs are taken into the paddock area for off-lead play. During the winter months we have an indoor play area which we use for this playtime. They can be kept on a lead if requested.

4.00pm – Teatime feeds and cleaning.

5.30pm to 6.30pm – 4th walk of the day for those dogs who have arranged this.

7.30pm to 9.00pm – All Dogs are checked, cleaned, bedding straightened and changed as necessary and settled down ready for bed!

Throughout the day the dogs’ drinking water is refreshed and the kennels are cleaned whenever necessary.

Caring for your pet will be a pleasure and an honour