Red Mills Horse Care 10



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Red Mills Horse Care 10 Horse Feed is a uniquely formulated Horse Feed that delivers nutrition for performance with lots of added benefits. Performance Horses can face nutritional challenges when training and frequently travelling, which can result in compromised health of the digestive system and subsequent poor condition. Red Mills Horse Care 10 includes Acidbuff which is a natural acid buffer for your Horse’s stomach, which has been combined with yeast and prebiotics to help promote a healthy and effective digestive system.

Horse Care 10 comes in 20kg bags and is ideal for: Horses that are sensitive to oat starch, Horses with sensitive digestive systems, Horses that need extra condition and Horses that travel and compete on a regular basis.

Made from: Soya (bean) hulls (1), Dried (sugar) beet pulp, Barley, Wheatfeed, Alfalfa meal, Cane molasses, Maize, Soya bean extruded (1), Soya oil (1), Sunflower seed meal, Monodicalcium phosphate, Sodium chloride, Maerl 0.75% (2), Magnesium oxide, Sodium bicarbonate, Mannan-/fructooligosaccharides 0.2% (3) (1) produced from genetically modified soya beans, (2) Acidbuf, (3) MicroFOS Ultra