All4Pets Cat Routine Care

Cat Routine Care

When is the best time to start caring for your ageing cat? When they are a kitten! Starting off your cat’s life with good nutrition, scheduled veterinary appointments and a happy home life sets the blueprint for a high quality of life in older years. Most cats are considered geriatric by the age of eight to 10.

Much like humans, time takes its toll on vital organ functions as your cat ages. Cats are more subtle than dogs in showing you when they are sick or in pain. Paying attention to your cat’s behaviour will make detecting problems easier and help them live healthy lives well into their teens.

Keeping your cat healthy at home

  • Check your cat’s mouth, eyes or ears regularly. Inspect for loose teeth, redness, swelling, discharge or bad odour
  • Keep your pet’s sleeping area clean and warm
  • Make fresh water available at all times
  • Maintain a regime of proper nutrition (based on a good quality commercial diet. appropriate to the life-stage and lifestyle of your cat) and of course loving attention