Rabbit Pasteurella

Many rabbits have bacteria living in their nasal sinuses called Pasteurella. These bacteria will not cause a clinical problem for a rabbit with a healthy immune system.

Causes of Pasteurella in rabbits

In certain situations, if the rabbit becomes stressed, these bacteria will multiply rapidly causing a disease known as pasteurellosis or ‘snuffles’.

Symptoms of Pasteurella in rabbits

This disease may affect the respiratory tract, uterus, skin, kidneys, bladder, tear ducts, middle ear or spine. Clinical signs include discharges from the eyes and nose, loss of appetite, lethargy, head tilt, loss of balance, hind limb paralysis and laboured breathing.

Treatment of Pasteurella in rabbits

The infection cannot be eliminated but it can be controlled with antibiotics and you should consult your vet at once.